Reports, strategies and plans

Strategic planning is an integral and important step in the development of the Northern Territory (NT).

The following are the department's reports, strategies and plans.

NT Infrastructure Framework

The Northern Territory Government has adopted a new Infrastructure Framework to align infrastructure planning and investment with government’s 2030 goals of a sustainable and diverse $40 billion economy, a population of 300 000 and 35 000 more jobs.

Read more about the Infrastructure Framework .  The new Infrastructure Framework includes:

Review of the land development process

As part of Budget 2021, a land development review was recently undertaken to identify improvements to bring titled land to the market to keep pace with Territorians needs.

Read more about the land development process report and recommendations.

Territory-wide Logistics Master Plan

The purpose of the Master Plan is to facilitate increasing freight and logistics connections and capacity that capture both international and domestic trade for the NT.

Read more about the Territory-wide Logistics Master Plan.

Towards Zero Action Plan 2018-22

This five-year road safety action plan focuses on key priority areas to reduce the rate of fatality and serious injury on Territory roads.

Read more about the plan on the Towards Zero - Road Safety website.

Electric vehicle strategy and implementation plan

The electric vehicle strategy and implementation plan aims to address climate risk and create new economic and business opportunities.

Read more about the electric vehicle strategy and implementation plan.

National Remote and Regional Transport Strategy

The strategy’s core aims are to maximise investment opportunities in transport infrastructure and services, minimise regulatory burden, improve coordination across borders and governments, and influence policy development relevant to remote and regional transport.

Read more about the National Remote and Regional Transport Strategy.

Commercial passenger vehicle reforms

Read about the commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) reforms.

NT rest facilities strategy

The strategy sets guidelines for rest facilities and amenities on key routes in the NT. The guidelines help drivers:

  • manage fatigue
  • check their vehicle and loads and
  • have access to amenities.

Read more about the NT rest facilities strategy.

Customer Service Charter

The Customer Service Charter outlines what the department’s customers can expect from our services and our commitment to deliver professional, accessible, responsive, reliable and consistent service.

Read more about the Customer Service Charter.

Weed management strategy on NT vacant Crown land

Read about the weed management strategy on NT vacant Crown land.

Annual reports and strategic plans

Read the department’s annual reports and strategic plans.

Commercial passenger vehicle review

The Northern Territory Government commissioned an independent review of the commercial passenger vehicle (CPV) industry in 2021.

Read more about the commercial passenger vehicle review.

Last updated: 29 June 2022

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