NT rest facilities strategy

The Northern Territory (NT) Government has released the NT rest facilities strategy to guide the delivery and management of rest facilities across the NT.

It sets guidelines for rest facilities and amenities on key NT routes to help drivers:

  • manage fatigue
  • check their vehicle and loads
  • access amenities.

The strategy has been developed in consultation with industry and the public to meet the needs of all road users.

It identifies gaps and prioritises future improvements to the roadside rest facilities network, to encourage road users to stop and use these facilities.

Read the strategy PDF (4.6 MB).

Key actions

The strategy includes the following key actions:

  • Develop route plans for rest facilities for the national network, tourist routes and key freight routes.
  • Develop a program for the provision of rest facilities and amenities on the national network, key freight routes and tourist routes.
  • Assist relevant government departments to implement information systems such as a website or phone app.
  • Carry out a detailed review of signage standards.
  • Implement practices to make rest facilities attractive for road users.
  • Promote the availability of mobile connectivity hotspots at rest facilities near tourist places and
    • assist Tourism NT in developing the Telecommunication Infrastructure Priority Plan.
  • Formalise naming conventions for rest facilities in consultation with the Place Names Committee
    • for the purposes of recording in a work diary, trip planning or other reasons.


For more information, email communications.dipl@nt.gov.au.

Last updated: 26 March 2022

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