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The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) is a public sector agency created in September 2016 and established under the Administrative Arrangements Order issued by the Administrator of the Northern Territory (NT).

We aim to drive the sustainable, economic and social advancement of the NT through land use and transport planning, infrastructure investment and effective logistics supply chains.

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The following are our three main divisions:

Infrastructure, Investment and Contracts

The department plays a lead role in planning, constructing and maintaining government infrastructure across the NT.

The Infrastructure, Investment and Contracts division is responsible for delivering the NT’s infrastructure program, procurement, programming capital works and coordinating minor works, repairs and maintenance for NT Government assets.

Lands and Planning

The Lands and Planning division provides strategic and long-term integrated land and infrastructure planning that supports community needs, sustainable economic development and future growth across the NT.

The division captures, manages and provides access to geospatial data and land-related information for the NT. It provides a range of regulatory and customer services in relation to land and the built environment, including administrative support for a number of statutory boards.

It is also responsible for the Crown Land Estate and provides management and administration services, including releasing land to meet commercial and community needs. The division’s services are delivered across the NT through offices in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs.

Transport and Civil Services

The Transport and Civil Services division connects the NT through our people, services, strategies and management of transport infrastructure.

It delivers a transport system that is safe, efficient, sustainable, innovative, equitable and economical.

The division is the NT Government’s central transport authority responsible for the NT’s transport system from design, development and management of our transport infrastructure to regulation and licensing of the vehicles and people that use our transport networks.

Chief Executive
Andrew Kirkman

Deputy Chief Executive
Leah Clifford

General Manager Transport and Civil Services Division
Louise McCormick

General Manager Infrastructure Investment and Contracts Division
John Harrison

Executive Director Strategy, Policy and Legislation Division
Nick Papandonakis

Director Executive Services
Tegan Berg

Senior Director Northern Region
Claire Brown

Senior Director Southern Region
Sarah Fairhead

Read about the department's Minister, Hon. Eva Lawler in the NT Government website.

Last updated: 08 October 2020

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