Technical standards, guidelines and specifications

The following technical standards, guidelines and specifications provide information and processes that apply to Northern Territory Government infrastructure and civil assets.

  • Civil construction materials testing
    Test methods and codes of practice for sampling and testing materials.
  • Civil standard drawings
    Civil standard drawing register, current and previous civil standard plans and drawings for bridges, civil, electrical, project signs, structural, traffic.
  • Environmental management
    Standard specifications for environmental management, contractor’s environmental management plan (CEMP), and other information regarding environmental management.
  • Road design requirements
    Standards that set out the requirements for road design on Northern Territory controlled roads and civil infrastructure.
  • Road development guidelines
    Guidelines that set out the requirements for third-party developers when developments connect to Northern Territory Government road corridors.
  • Road safety audits
    Resources to assist you in ensuring road safety audits are carried out consistently.
  • Road safety barriers
    Information about nominal standards for road safety barrier systems.
  • Road surfacing standards
    Standards that set out the requirements for road surfacing on Northern Territory controlled roads and civil infrastructure.
  • Technical records
    Request forms, manual and title block templates, drawing numbers, and other information related to construction of government-owned buildings in the Territory.
  • Technical specifications
    Standard specifications for buildings, roads, environmental management, recycled crushed glass, commercial clauses.
  • Transport and traffic data
    Statistics about roads and traffic managed by the Northern Territory Government.
  • Transport infrastructure asset management
    Asset requirements, responsibilities and management within the transport corridors.

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