Weed management strategy on NT vacant Crown land

The weed management strategy NT vacant Crown land 2020-2030 presents the Department of Instructure, Planning and Logistics' (DIPL) approach to managing existing and potential weeds across vacant Crown land (VCL) (excluding road reserves) in the Northern Territory (NT).

Read the weed management strategy NT vacant Crown land PDF (17.4 MB).


The strategy is based on four management objectives:

  • prevent new infestations and manage existing weed infestations
  • monitor, report and act on weed management program outcomes
  • consult and inform stakeholders
  • leverage opportunities to contribute to existing programs.

Management plans and programs

The strategy is supported by operational management plans for the Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs regions which provide guidance to the department in the development and implementation of the VCL weed control program.

DIPL expends over $1.2 million each year to control weeds and fire on VCL. DIPL has a dedicated VCL Weeds and Fire Officer to manage the program.

Weed control is undertaken on approximately 300 VCL parcels across the Darwin and Katherine regions.

Parcels receiving weed treatments are prioritised where:

  • weed infestation poses a threat to human life, property, infrastructure, biodiversity
  • small outlying populations are found ahead of larger populations.


For more information, contact a Crown Land Estate office.

Last updated: 17 March 2021

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