Technical specifications

This page has specifications that are used to prepare contract documents for constructing and maintaining government infrastructure throughout the Northern Territory (NT).

The following standard specifications:

  • contain the latest updates in both policy and regional requirements
  • ensure that assets constructed for the Northern Territory Government (NTG) reflect best industry standards.

Read the specifications for each subject area:

Specification training

Site specific rules

Below are rules when entering specific sites.


The following are site regulations for hospitals in the NT:

Read the Department of Health's Infection control during construction, renovation and maintenance policy on the Health ePublications website.

For more information, read the National Parks and Wildlife Act.

Assistance for tenderers, contractors and consultants

The following resources can assist tenderers, contractors, consultants and in-house staff prepare plans, specifications and contract documents in-line with the standards required by the department and in particular for NTG contracts.

Minimum design standards

The following are minimum design standards:

Commercial clauses

For information on conditions of tendering and conditions of contract, go to the NTG website.


If you need information or assistance regarding the master specifications or the production of project specifications, contact the manager specification services.
08 8946 5021
The Manager, Specification Services
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics,
PO Box 61, Palmerston, NT 0831

Last updated: 16 October 2020

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