Building design standards

When preparing building designs for the Northern Territory (NT) Government, you should refer to the resources provided on this page.

You will find:

Minimum design standards and supplementary documents

The following are design standards that set out the minimum requirements for the design and construction of buildings.

Get the zip file with guidance documents and inspections checklists for inspection process for hydraulic works ZIP (3.1 MB).

These typical details provide guidance to designers and contractors regarding what is expected by the department in respect to moisture control by use of vapour barriers.

The details don't cover every possible arrangement of building elements, but are intended to provide guidance on how to provide effective moisture control.

Get the vapour barriers:

This policy applies to all tensioned membrane structures, including fabric shade structures and structures using waterproof PVC fabric.

It is applicable to all regions in the NT.

Get the technical directive - fabric shade structure policy PDF (509.7 KB).

You can get the NT Fire Alarm System Transmission (NTFAST) fire contractors guide book from the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services website. The guide book can be found in the fact sheet section under NTFAST.

NTFAST welcome input for updating the guide.

For more information, contact David Williams by emailing

Construction specifications

The infrastructure master specifications cover the construction and maintenance of:

  • major building works such as schools and hospitals
  • smaller works such as housing and office fitouts.

The documents are copyright and the use of the specification masters on projects other than for the NT Government is prohibited without express permission.

Each master specification contains a commentary section which gives the latest update information and general information on the production of project specifications.


These buildings master specifications are prepared and maintained by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, for use on NT Government infrastructure projects and are made available as a service to the public.

Users will need to evaluate the material for their suitability for use on their particular projects.

While care has been taken to ensure that information is true and correct at the time of publication, changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of this information.

The Northern Territory of Australia:

  • gives no warranty or assurance, and makes no representation as to the accuracy of any information or advice contained, or that it is suitable for your intended use
  • accepts no liability for any losses or damages, including incidental or consequential damages, resulting from the use of the material.

By clicking on any of the links to documents below, you are agreeing to abide by the terms of the above disclaimer.

Access to NATSPEC documents

Major building works and small building works use text based on NATSPEC, the national building specification, produced by Construction Information Systems Ltd of which the department is a stakeholder.

NATSPEC documents are copyright and can only be used by registered subscribers.

Major building works and small building works are password protected and can only be made available to people involved in DIPL-managed projects or subscribers.

If you're a stakeholder in a DIPL-managed project or a NATSPEC subscriber and want to access these documents, email for the password.

Specifications and supplementary documents

The following are specifications and supplementary documents for building constructions.

To access the master specification, contact the DIPL project manager.

Read the internal fitout updates overview PDF (45.3 KB).

Commercial clauses

For information on conditions of tendering and conditions of contract with the NT Government, go to the NT Government website.


For more information, email

Last updated: 22 August 2022

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