CPV review: Decision 2b - improve wheelchair accessible taxi levels

Decision 2b is to maintain and improve current wheelchair accessible taxi levels.

The table below provides an overview of the decision.

TimeframeImplementation over the next 1 to 5 years
Approval statusApproved
Implementation statusIn progress
Related decisionsDecision 1 - removal of the taxi licence cap
Decision 2 - key performance indicators and sanctions for multiple purpose taxis 


The proportion of wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT) vehicles in the multiple purpose taxi (MPT) fleet be maintained at present levels or higher.

The Northern Territory (NT) Government will monitor taxi numbers to balance the number of MPT licences compared to standard taxis.

This is to ensure equity of service to the disability community in all regions.


This decision is being implemented along with:

It's also dependent on the accomplishment of these decisions.

The Alice Springs and Darwin taxi licence ballot for:

  • 2022 is primarily allocating MPT licences to improve wheelchair accessible taxi levels
  • 2023 to 2026 will be offering:
    • 5 MPT licences in Darwin
    • 3 MPT licences in Alice Springs.

More incentive for the wheelchair accessible taxi industry to grow will also be provided by decision 2d - financial assistance to supply wheelchair accessible taxis.

Last updated: 25 November 2022

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