CPV review: Decision 1a - limit number of new licences

Decision 1a is to limit number of new licences issued in each centre in any single year during the transition period.

The table below provides an overview of the decision.

TimeframeAnnual implementation over 5 years
Approval statusApproved
Implementation statusIn progress
Related decisionsDecision 1 - remove licence cap


Below are the limit numbers for Alice Springs and Darwin taxi licence ballots.


The 2022 licence ballots will be announced within 6 months.

Darwin10Multiple purpose taxis
Alice Springs5Multiple purpose taxis

2023 - 2026

The status of the 2023 - 2026 licence ballots depends on the demand for taxi licences in each region.

Darwin5Multiple purpose taxis
Darwin5Standard taxi licences
Alice Springs3Multiple purpose taxis
Alice Springs5Standard taxi licences


The Northern Territory (NT) Government has been collaborating extensively with the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Review Advisory Forum (CPVRAF) to discuss and identify satisfactory ballot entry conditions.

The CPVRAF has submitted their suggestion on the structure of the ballot and relevant ballot entry conditions, which has now been submitted to the appropriate delegate within the government for consideration.

Once the ballot entry conditions have been approved, the NT Government can then proceed with identifying and advertising the 2022 Alice Springs and Darwin taxi licence ballot.

Find out more about taxi ballots on the NT Government website.

Last updated: 25 November 2022

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