Rank Safety Program

Taxi totem pole

Totem Poles for Taxis and Minibuses

As part of the Rank Safety Program, the rollout of totem poles across the Northern Territory continues.

Alice Springs were the first region to install totem poles at taxi and minibus ranks. The rollout for further totems is scheduled for Katherine, Palmerston, Darwin CBD and the Darwin northern suburbs.

Totem poles provide improved information and access to transport for the tourist sector and locals, making it easier for passengers to identify taxi and minibus ranks.

Information displayed on the totem poles will include:

  • the rank number and address;
  • a map of the location of the rank;
  • contact details of the taxi / minibus networks available in that region;
  • braille signage;
  • NT Police contact number; and
  • any other important information as the need arises.

For more information visit the Taxi Vehicle Standards page

Last updated: 23 September 2016

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