Courtesy Vehicles

Partial Deregulation of the Courtesy Vehicle Category

The Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) industry currently has nine different CPV categories, Courtesy Vehicle being one of them.

To reduce red tape where safety is not compromised, the Northern Territory Government decided to partially deregulate the Courtesy Vehicle Category.

That means that accredited operators who are licenced to provide a service under a Courtesy Vehicle Licence are no longer required to be approved or licenced.

To ensure the safety of passengers continues, all businesses that provide a courtesy service will still require their drivers to be appropriately licenced. This includes the normal fit and proper assessments undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics that provides drivers with an ‘h’ endorsement and CPVID Card.

Go to the NT.GOV.AU website for information on courtesy vehicles and refer to CPV16 Courtesy Vehicle License Information Bulletin.

Last updated: 23 September 2016

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