Katherine region

Katherine Region Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee

The town of Katherine has experienced significant flooding a number of times in the past, including in 1931, 1940, 1957, 1998 and 2006.

Members of the Katherine Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee are:

  • Willem Westra van Holthe, Member for Katherine (Chair)
  • Fay Miller, Mayor, Katherine Town Council
  • Kevin Grey, Chamber of Commerce
  • Paul Kernaghan, Insurance Council of Australia
  • Geoffrey Newton
  • Merrilyn Stopp
  • Craig Lambert
  • Steven Rose

You can contact the Katherine Flood Advisory Committee on katherinefloodcommittee.dlpe@nt.gov.au

The first meeting of the Katherine Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee was held on Friday 13th February at the Katherine town council chambers.

Immediate outcomes from the first meeting are meeting are:

  • A recommendation to fund new topography and flood mapping for the purpose of modelling for the Katherine region.
  • Revising the Katherine land use plan to identify alternative options for a new commercial centre and relocation of the ambulance centre.
  • Public consultation will commence immediately, with a two week submission period calling for ideas, anecdotal evidence and suggested topics for exploration by the committee.

Flooding in the Katherine region

The Katherine catchment is quite complex, with the actual impact of flooding not only dependent on the volume and duration of a stormwater event, but also in which parts of the catchment the event take place.

The existing flood maps for the Katherine region were developed by the Department of Land Resource Management (DLRM) in 2005. The new hydraulic flood models for the broader Katherine catchment commissioned by the committee will enable more effective testing of flood mitigation options. The flood modelling, including new aerial topographic mapping, may take 6 to 8 months to develop.

Flood mitigation options that can be tested by modelling may include levee banks, improved trunk drainage systems and stormwater detention basins.

For information on the range of structural and non-structural flood mitigation options, read what is flood mitigation.

As an immediate action following the first committee meeting, revised options for a new commercial centre and relocation of the ambulance centre, as part of the Katherine Land Use Plan will be presented at the March 2015 committee meeting

The development of a second commercial centre may be further investigated and construction of infrastructure including land subdivision, service infrastructure to support the new centre and the Katherine East by-pass road to Chambers Drive to assist emergency vehicles to move within Katherine may support the long term flood mitigation.

Katherine Town Centre Retail and Commercial Analysis Report

Read the Katherine Retail and Commercial Analysis Report (764.2 kb)

Katherine Flood Mitigation Report

The Katherine Regional Draft Flood Mitigation Report and Darwin Flood Mitigation Report was released for public comment over a four week period which closed on 11 June 2015.  

Thank you to all residents and businesses who provided feedback. All comments, feedback and submissions were taken into consideration for the final report.

Read the Final Katherine Flood Mitigation Report (1.5 mb)

For more information on the reports, please email flood.mitigation@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 18 April 2016