Katherine flood mitigation

The Northern Territory Government is delivering the Katherine flood mitigation project.

A detailed design of the flood mitigating embankments and wall levees is currently being undertaken to better protect Katherine properties against flooding.

The embankment and wall levees, which form part of the structural mitigation recommendations from the Katherine Region Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee's report, will:

  • increase Katherine's flood resilience
  • improve flood protection of Katherine residential areas in flooding events up to a 1-in-20 year event.

The northern section flood levee will:

  • run from the northern side of Knotts Crossing Resort and Caravan Park, near the old Katherine Airstrip to the Stuart Highway.
  • prevent overflows from Lockheed Drain during the 20-year (72-hour) flood event.

The southern section flood levee will:

  • run from the Katherine Country Club along the eastern side of South Katherine to the southern tip of South Katherine.
  • prevent overflows from Tindal Creek during the 20-year, 18-hour, flood event.

Detailed design works lead the way for the implementation of the broader project which includes provision of town planning measures for alternative commercial land outside of the flood zone in Katherine East.

The detailed design of the structural flood mitigation measures will further inform the final alignment and height of the levees.

In 2018, the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics conducted extensive community consultation, with the feedback being considered and incorporated into the scope for the detailed design contract.

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Maps/Concept images

For the floodplain modelling and mapping for Katherine, go to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources website.

Previous announcements

Read the Protecting Katherine's future: contract awarded for Katherine flood mitigation design - media release - December 2019


Project Manager: Jasmine Husson
Email: flood.mitigation@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 28 October 2020

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