Flood mitigation in Alice Springs region

Much of Alice Springs is located on the floodplains of the Todd and Charles rivers.

Residents and businesses experience riverine flooding when heavy rainfall causes the Todd River to flow and overtop its banks.

There has been three major flooding events since 1983 including in 1984, 1988 and 2000.

Localised flooding also occurs as a result of overflows from stormwater drainage systems.

For information on the range of structural and non-structural flood mitigation options, read about flood mitigation.

To view a flood plain map for the Alice Springs area, go to the Northern Territory Government website.

Alice Springs flood mitigation report

The Alice Springs Regional Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee released a report that provides specific recommendations and measures for managing and reducing the flood risk in the Alice Springs region. Read the Final Alice Springs Flood Mitigation Report (2017). PDF (7.5 MB)


The Northern Territory Government is working to alleviate the impact of flooding in Alice Springs by implementing the following recommendations from the Alice Springs Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee.

View the latest update on the Alice Springs flood mitigation project.

Flood modelling

Detailed topographic data has been obtained for the upper catchment of the Todd River to investigate the potential mitigation options to reduce the peak flow of a flood. This data will inform the potential location and effectiveness of infrastructure such as detention basin/s to minimise the impact of flooding in the Alice Springs region.

Stormwater drainage

Existing major trunk drainage infrastructure will be assessed to identify works, upgrades and maintenance required to reduce the impact or frequency of localised flooding.

Planning for the duplication of the Stuart Highway through Heavitree Gap

Engineering concept designs for the duplication of the Stuart Highway through Heavitree Gap is being considered as part of a planning study, in consultation with the Alice Springs community.

This planning study is guided by the objective of no further constriction of the Todd River.

Last updated: 08 May 2020

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