Alice Springs region

Flooding in the Alice Springs region

Revised flood plain maps for the Alice Springs region are available on the Northern Territory Government website. 

Go to the Northern Territory Government website to read more cyclone, storm surge and riverine flooding building standards.

Alice Springs Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee

The Alice Springs Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee is tasked with developing a strategy for flood mitigation to improve community safety, and reduce the damage, disruption and costs associated with major flood events in Alice Springs. 

Members of the Alice Springs Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee are:

  • Mayor Damien Ryan, Chair 
  • Michael Sitzler
  • Rod Cramer
  • Russell Lynch
  • Jimmy Cocking
  • Ken Lechleitner

Alice Springs Flood Mitigation Final Report Now Available

The Alice Springs Draft Flood Mitigation Report was released for public comment for a four week period which closed on 2nd July 2016.

Thank you to all residents and businesses who provided feedback. All comments, feedback and submissions were taken into consideration for the final report.

Read the Final Alice Springs Flood Mitigation Report (7.5 mb)

Last updated: 28 November 2017