This page lists the membership of the Development Consent Authority in the Northern Territory as at 12 October 2018.


Suzanne Philip


See below for a list of Development Consent Authority members by division.

Alice Springs

David Koch

Alistair Feehan

Jamie de Brenni

Marli Banks

Jimmy Cocking  - alternate for Jamie de Brenni and Marli Banks


Richard Luxton

Monica Baumgartner

Andrew Turner

Deborah Moyle

Christian McElwee - alternate for Andrew Turner and Deborah Moyle


Doug Phillips

John Gleeson

Sherry Cullen

Mick Palmer

Simon Niblock - alternate for Sherry Cullen and Mick Palmer


Allan Domaschenz

Alan Sprigg

Fay Miller

Peter Gazey

John Zelley - alternate for Fay Miller and Peter Gazey


Keith Aitken

Robert Shewring

Christine Simpson

Wendy Smith

Doug Barden - alternate for Christine Simpson and Wendy Smith


Steve Ward

Ben Giesecke

Sarah Henderson

Athina Pascoe-Bell - alternate for Ben Giesecke and Sarah Henderson

Tennant Creek

Kris Civitarese

Steven Edgington

Hal Ruger

Siddhant Vashist - alternate for Steven Edgington and Hal Ruger

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Last updated: 30 October 2018