Ride with Respect

When you travel on buses, ride with respect.

Larrakia Nation is promoting positive and respectful behaviour in the Darwin region and the traditional lands of the Larrakia people, including while travelling on the bus.

The Larrakia Cultural Protocols set out standards of personal responsibility and respect, emphasising that antisocial behaviour is not acceptable.

  • The Larrakia are the Aboriginal owners of all land and waters of the greater Darwin and rural area, including all identified Aboriginal living areas.
  • Aboriginal law requires respect for the cultural authority of the Aboriginal owners.
  • We speak for our country and we have an obligation, along with our neighbours, to care for our country.
  • Visitors should respect that we retain traditional knowledge, such as stories about significance sites.
  • All visitors are responsible for their behaviour and should respect the guidance of Larrakia.
  • Learning about country is everyone’s obligation, including: visitors, residents, NGOs and government.
  • Inappropriate behaviour reflects badly on Larrakia people and we do not accept it.

Visitors have the right to be treated with respect and understanding on Larrakia land so do the right thing and care for our country.

If you see any bad behaviour on buses, remind each other of the protocols. Go to Larrakia Nation website.

Remember, when you travel on buses, ride with respect.

Get the Ride with Respect A3 poster PDF (362.7 KB).

Last updated: 30 March 2022

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