Vanderlin Drive / Leanyer Drive - Safe crossing and connectivity improvement

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics is upgrading the Vanderlin Drive and Leanyer Drive intersection and shared path.

The works will improve pedestrian safety and provide safe access to the Hibiscus Shopping Centre.

New traffic signals on left turn lanes

The new traffic signals control the left turning traffic to provide safe pedestrian and cyclist crossings.

Vehicles must stop when the red arrow is displayed.

The red arrow indicates pedestrians and cyclists are crossing Leanyer Drive.

The traffic signals allow for better traffic flow because motorists are not stopped at the signals when pedestrians or cyclists are not crossing Leanyer Drive.

The traffic signals only display red and yellow lights, but no green light display.

Unlike normal traffic signals in operation, there will be no green light displayed for the left turning vehicles to proceed.

The vehicles can proceed when signals are not displayed, but must give way to conflicting traffic.

Watch the video

To help you follow the changed road traffic operations, watch the video below.


Project Manager: James Stanway
Phone: 08 8999 4618

Last updated: 14 April 2022

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