Darwin region

There are numerous incidences of flooding across the greater Darwin region that impact on residential, commercial and industrial properties, with the cost of damages and therefore insurance claims amounting to millions of dollars.

Issues with flooding in the Darwin region are largely dependent on locality. Over the past few years, a number of areas have experienced riverine flooding or flooding due to trunk drainage issues.

Darwin Region Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee

Members of the Darwin Flood Advisory Committee include:

  • Peter Styles, Member for Sanderson (Chair)
  • James Dunlevie (Rapid Creek)
  • Tim Moore (Rapid Creek)
  • Frank May (Palmerston)
  • Bob White (The Narrows)
  • Phil Breslin (Howard Springs)
  • Insurance Council of Australia
  • Greg Bicknell, Chamber of Commerce
  • Peter McLinden, LGANT representative

You can contact the committee at darwinfloodcommittee.dlpe@nt.gov.au 

The first meeting of the Darwin Region Flood Mitigation Committee was held on Saturday 21st February 2015, with the following immediate outcomes:

  • The recommendations of the Darwin Region Flood Advisory Committee will focus on properties that are impacted upon by riverine flooding and inundation due to trunk drainage issues in the greater Darwin region.
  • At the next meeting, TIO will make a presentation to the Committee, outlining current insurance models and how TIO might view a range of alternative mitigation strategies.
  • Briefings will also be sought on strategic planning issues associated with planning for flood mitigation.

Flooding in the Darwin region

Rapid Creek, Darwin

During Cyclone Carlos in 2011, approximately 67 properties were impacted by inundation of floodwater from Rapid Creek.

To view a flood plain map for the Rapid Creek area, go to the Northern Territory Government website.

Ludmilla/ The Narrows, Darwin

The suburb of The Narrows sits within the relatively large but heavily developed Ludmilla Creek catchment and has experienced flooding frequently since 1990.

Wallaby Holtze/ Pinelands industrial areas, Palmerston

There are significant issues with drainage across the Yarrawonga and Pinelands industrial areas, with incidents of flooding occurring even in relatively small rainfall events.

Wadham Lagoon, Howard Springs

Flooding occurs around Wadham Lagoon in Howard Springs and down the length of the trunk drain to the Howard River, with a number of private properties affected.

Lorikeet Court, Herbert

During Cyclone Carlos in 2011, significant flooding of properties occurred in Lorikeet Court in Herbert.

Wells Creek, Virginia

Wells Creek Road is frequently closed during monsoonal rains.

Elizabeth River, Noonamah

A number of rural properties are impacted by inundation during monsoonal rain and cyclonic storms on the Elizabeth River.

Darwin Flood Mitigation Report

The Katherine and Darwin Regional Draft Flood Mitigation Reports were released for public comment over a four week period which closed on 11 June 2015.  

Thank you to all residents and businesses who provided feedback. All comments, feedback and submissions were taken into consideration for the final reports.

Read the Final Darwin Flood Mitigation Report (2.2 mb)

For more information on the reports, email flood.mitigation@nt.gov.au

Last updated: 18 April 2016