Request for drawing files - external consultants

This form is for requesting PDF and CAD drawing files. It is for all external consultants engaged by a Northern Territory Government (NTG) department/client.

Before you fill in the form

You must have a current PF166 police clearance when accessing records owned by the following NTG department or clients:

  • Department of Attorney-General and Justice
  • Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet
  • Police Fire and Emergency Services.

If you do not have a police clearance for records owned by the three clients above, do not complete this form.

You may apply for a police clearance by attending in person to Safe NT, 37 Woods Street, Darwin.

The delegate in response will either approve or reject your request, the Technical Records team will receive instruction from the delegate.

If this request is in relation to a tender you are applying for and require additional information, do not complete this form. Contact the Technical Officer on the tender instead.

If you need assistance

If you need help to fill in the form, contact the Technical Records team by calling 08 8924 7371.

Fill in the form

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

You must choose the correct asset owner/occupant.
Were you engaged by an NTG department/client? *
You must describe clearly the information required and the purpose for which it is to be used. Include any reference to a NTG project and any other information that will assist the delegate in assessing your request. If you want to pass this information onto a third party, you must declare this.
Drawing type Please note this is not for Power and Water clients, they must contact their PWC project officer to request files.
File types required *
Architect, Bridges, Civil, Electrical, Fire, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Services, Sewerage, Structural, Traffic, Water
Region *
eg Moil, Yulara, Victoria Highway
eg 00123, 00055b1a, R0001, BD026
Find out the building asset number on the BAMS website
Does the project officer have a current PF166 security clearance?
Ensure there are no spaces in the email address including at the end.
Drawings distribution * Are the drawing being distributed to a third party?
Deed of confidentiality Has the third party signed a deed of confidentiality?
Does the requester have a current PF166 security clearance?
Describe your role.

Last updated: 12 October 2020

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