Request for technical records drawing number - roads

Use this form to apply for a Northern Territory Government (NTG) technical drawing number.

Before you fill in the form

Do not apply for drawing numbers until the following has occurred:

  • project manager confirms project status and funding
  • design review for civil reaches 90%
  • sheet quantities are known.

If you need assistance

If you need help to fill in the form, contact the Technical Records team by calling 08 8924 7371.

Fill in the form

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
Region *
e.g. Moil, Yulara, Victoria Highway
e.g TED12345 (not the tender number eg T15-12345)
e.g T19-2407
AIS Road No / Bridge No / Airstrip No e.g R0001, BD026, AA002
Format as 0000.000km
Format as 0000.000km
Ensure there are no spaces in the email address including at the end.
Acknowledgement *

Last updated: 19 March 2019

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