Our divisions and job opportunities

The department brings together many of the key functions that drive land use, infrastructure and transport.

Read about the divisions within the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) below.

Are you passionate about driving the future of the Territory?

The Lands and Planning division is responsible for strategic planning to set the direction for land use and related infrastructure.

As part of the team, you will have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution through your work and leave a mark on the Territory.

Opportunities can include:

  • structural engineers
  • planners
  • building surveyors
  • data managers
  • project managers and officers.

You can help build the Territory with our Infrastructure, Investment and Contracts division.

This team offers a range of opportunities that contribute to the local economy, jobs and construction.

Opportunities can include:

  • asset managers
  • portfolio managers
  • project managers and officers
  • infrastructure officers
  • procurement officers
  • design officers
  • contract compliance officers.

Roads, shared paths and the vehicles and people that travel on them make up the foundations of our vibrant Territory.

The Transport and Civil Services division connects the Territory through its people, services, strategies and management of transport infrastructure.

It covers public transport, civil infrastructure delivery, driver licencing, vehicle registration, road safety policy and legislation.

It delivers a transport system that is safe, efficient, sustainable, innovative, equitable and economical.

Opportunities can include:

  • customer service officers
  • project managers and officers
  • engineers
  • road safety officers
  • transit safety officers
  • information coordinators.

The Governance and Executive Services division provides high-level administration, communication and governance support across our varied department.

It covers ministerial liaison, media, communications, audit and risk, work health and safety and business improvement.

Opportunities can include:

  • project coordinators
  • directors
  • communications and engagement officers
  • media managers
  • design officers
  • executive assistants
  • ministerial and secretariat coordinators.


Read about the range of opportunities DIPL offers across the agency.


As a trainee with DIPL, you will get to work in a large and diverse organisation where you can use and build on your skills, contribute to meaningful work and set out on an exciting career path.

Traineeships allow you to simultaneously undertake relevant qualifications and gain practical on the job experience while earning a salary.

Successful completion of traineeships can also lead to permanent job opportunities in the department in workplaces across the Northern Territory.

Graduate program

The Northern Territory Government Graduate Development Program (GDP) offers employment to university graduates.

Graduates have the opportunity to start their career with government to continue their professional development and training in a supervised workplace.

The GDP is a 1 or 2 year program.

After successful completion of the program, the agency can offer further employment opportunities at level.

Possible degree disciplines include but not limited to:

  • business
  • commerce
  • communications and design
  • criminology
  • data analytics
  • economics
  • engineering
  • finance and accounting
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • international development
  • land surveying
  • law
  • leadership
  • policy
  • psychology
  • public health administration
  • environmental science
  • social science
  • urban planning and development.

Other vacancies

To find out more about specific vacancies, visit the NT Government jobs portal.

Last updated: 28 March 2022

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