Minmarama stockpile investigations

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics is investigating the stockpiles located next to Minmarama Park on Dick Ward Drive.

Investigations started in December 2021 and are informing a detailed site investigation report and remediation action plan to propose:

  • how the site can be remediated and
  • potential uses for suitable material.

Investigations are conducted in a staged process and movement on site is intermittent.

Heavy vehicles and some noise can be expected during business hours while works take place on site.

An independent auditor has been engaged in the project to ensure the detailed site investigation is completed in accordance with all guidelines.

All investigations are expected to be completed in the first half of 2022.

Before the detailed site investigation, a preliminary site investigation conducted in mid-2018 found evidence of asbestos-containing material in some of the stockpiles.

Future works

The nature of future remediation options and land uses will be discussed by the relevant government agencies and stakeholders in due course.

Any remediation works will be completed in accordance with all applicable regulations and Australian Standards in liaison with the NT Environment Protection Authority (NTEPA) and NT Worksafe.


For more information on the investigation, contact the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics’ Program Manager Ken Gardner on 8999 6597 or ken.gardner@nt.gov.au.

Last updated: 29 March 2022

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