Maryvale Road

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics will be upgrading and sealing approximately 10 kilometres of Maryvale Road in an early works package funded by the Australian Government and the Northern Territory Government.

Maryvale Road is a 105 kilometre road connecting Maryvale (Titjikala) Station to Alice Springs.

The works will improve the transport network by increasing connectivity and reducing travel times, in addition to cutting costs for freight operators and enhancing economic opportunities for the mining, cattle and tourism industries. It will improve access to remote communities for health and social services which will improve the standards of living and equity for Aboriginal communities.

The key benefits for the project include:

  • Reduced travel time;
  • Reduced costs to freight operators and improved route reliability through a decrease in road closures and reduced vehicle operating costs;
  • Improve flood immunity, traffic safety and reliability;
  • Improved opportunities for all industries through improved access across the region; and
  • Reduced accidents by improving overall safety of the route.

Maps/concept images

Maryvale road concept map

Last updated: 04 August 2020

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