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Tenders for construction for Chibnall, Mocatto and Horsnell sections will be issued in the 2020 dry season.

Some telephone and electricity service relocation are necessary to allow the upgrade works. Telstra has started pegging out their scope of works. The balance of these works delivered by Telstra and Power Water Corp are scheduled to start in the coming weeks.

Read the stakeholder notice for the tender release PDF (634.3 KB).

Key sections of road in the Territory’s most productive mango growing region will be upgraded. This project aims to improve mango quality and increase local industry productivity.

The project to upgrade and seal four sections of unsealed roads will improve:

  • access and connectivity between mango farms and packing sheds in the Litchfield municipality
  • safety for contractors, workers and residents.

The $21 million project is jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory (NT) governments and the Litchfield Council.

Construction on the first sections of road to be upgraded and sealed will start in the 2020 dry season, with completion expected by the end of 2020. The fourth and final section of road will be upgraded and sealed in the 2021 dry season.

The NT Government is delivering the project to deliver sealing and upgrades to:

  • Chibnall Road between Old Bynoe and Leonino Road (5.4km) - 2020
  • Mocatto Road between Whitstone and Acacia Gap Road (3.2km) - 2020
  • Horsnell Road between Elizabeth Valley Road and Alverly Road (3.4km) - 2020
  • Kentish Road between Hopewell Road and the end of seal (3.2km) - 2021 (future tender).

Access for local residents and businesses will be maintained during construction.

Project benefits

The project is expected to have the following benefits:

  • Highly productive mango farms and packing sheds are along the routes to be upgraded and sealed. The unsealed roads are used either to move fruit from orchards to the packing sheds, or from the sheds to market. The roads are also the access routes for staff and supply chain inputs.
  • A business case on the project commissioned by Litchfield Council and the NT Farmers Association found sealing of these roads would reduce bruising - which would be sufficient to increase revenue for the relevant producers by more than $1 million each year.
  • The project will improve the production output of farms in the vicinity, encouraging further investment and supporting and creating jobs in the sector. Permanent employment on farm is predicted to increase by six to ten staff, and harvest workers by 28 staff (4.7FTE) during the harvest period.
  • The project will support:
    • an estimated 109 jobs during the construction phase
    • an estimated 10 ongoing jobs in operations.
  • It’s expected there will be increased investment and employment on local mango farms and packing sheds over the 30-year horizon of the project.
  • The upgrades will also reduce the extent of closures during major weather events and will improve road safety.


The following map shows where the road works will occur.

All roads affected by the mango roads upgrade and seal

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Last updated: 06 July 2020

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