Dundee Beach boat ramp

In 2018, the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) appointed Cardno to undertake a study which looked at:

  • where the sediment is coming from
  • how to reduce build up on the Dundee Beach boat ramp
  • possible solutions.

The study considered:

  • the effect of excavating in various locations to reduce sediment build up on the ramp
  • possible upgrades to the existing groyne to better counteract the movement of sand and sediment at the ramp
  • possible additional infrastructure, such as a new groyne to the south of the boat ramp.

The study found that there is no ‘silver bullet’ to solve the sand and silt build up issue at the ramp.

There are a number of factors that affect sediment build up on the boat ramp and in the boating channel.

Some of these can be addressed such as sediment movement and deposition. Others, such as suspended sedimentation (the sediment mixed in with the water) cannot be dealt with at any feasible cost, which the study found is the reason for most of the sediment build up on the ramp.

Working group

In 2020, the Northern Territory Government (NTG) formed a working group to:

  • consider findings of a sediment-movement study at Dundee Beach boat ramp and
  • develop short, medium and long term options for Government’s consideration.

The working group includes representatives from:

  • the NTG (including NT Fisheries and DIPL)
  • AFANT and
  • NT Guided Fishers Association.


The NTG will be undertaking works to reduce the frequency of maintenance need to remove sand and silt build-up at the boat ramp by:

  • reconstructing the groyne to improve the ability to prevent the build-up of sand on the ramp and help reduce the frequency of maintenance
  • providing an accessible footpath along the top of the new groyne including a platform to facilitate land-based fishing
  • constructing a walkway jetty to allow for safer loading and unloading of recreational vessels.

A tender for the detailed design and construction was released in late June 2022, with the construction works expected to start in early 2023.


John Kassaras
Project Manager
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistic


Phone: 08 89994788

Last updated: 20 July 2022

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