Bus stop 70 Darwin City - returning to Cavenagh Street

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This project is now complete.

On Monday 28 September, outbound public buses and bus stops returned to Cavenagh Street.

All outbound bus stops in Smith Street are now closed.

For information about the timetable and route changes, go to the NT Government website.

Rules around buses and ‘B’ signal at traffic lights

The Northern Territory's first ‘B’ signal is now operational at the Cavenagh Street and Garramilla Boulevard intersection near the new Cavenagh Street bus stop (Woolworths).

You must follow the rules about 'B' signal at traffic lights on the NT Government website.

There is a dedicated ‘bus only lane’ at this intersection. However, if a bus is in the normal lane, not the bus only lane, the bus has to follow the road rules and go on the green light.

Vehicles must give way to buses as per the giving way road rules on the NT Government website.


The Cavenagh Street bus stop was temporarily moved to Smith Street during the construction of Garramilla Boulevard.

The main features of the project are:

  • the installation of NT’s first ‘B’ signal traffic lights on the Cavenagh Street and Garramilla Boulevard intersection for a safer and smoother traffic flow
  • construction of the bus stop
  • two new electronic timetables at the Cavenagh Street bus stop, providing interactive and real time information for passengers.

For more information, see the map below.

Darwin bus interchange map

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More information

To view the public transport timetables, go the NT Government website.

Read more about this project on the Smith Street bus stop to move back to Cavenagh Street media release.


Email: public.transport@nt.gov.au
Phone: 08 8924 7666 (weekdays 6:45am to 4:30pm and Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm)
Facebook: NT Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics

Last updated: 15 January 2021

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