Batchelor Airport Master Plan

A Master Plan has been finalised for Batchelor Airport which will transform the existing airstrip into an aviation hub, supporting a range of commercial general aviation activities over the long term.

The development of the Airport will provide investment opportunities in Batchelor, resulting in more local jobs and diversification of local industry.

Batchelor Airport is identified in the 10 Year Infrastructure Plan as a long term project.

The Masterplan

The development of Batchelor Airport will be broken into three stages.

Stage 1 of the Master Plan has a 10 year horizon for upgrades to the airport and provision of commercial hangar facilities.

Stages 2 and 3 will involve incremental expansion of facilities to accommodate aircraft parking, movements and an increased number of hangar sites. Long term works will be subject to approvals as the project progresses.

Stage 1 – Development Concept (within 10 years) PDF (695.3 KB)

Stage 2 – Development Concept (10-20 year horizon) PDF (668.6 KB)

Stage 3 – Development Concept (beyond 20 year horizon) PDF (690.3 KB)

Overall Land Use Plan PDF (659.2 KB)

Long Term Development Concept PDF (733.9 KB)

Current works

A new apron and taxiway will be completed in 2020. This builds on work undertaken in 2018 to formalise and seal the access road into the Airport and construct a car park.

During Stage 1, a range of studies such as environmental and engineering assessments will be undertaken to inform the design and development of the Airport.

Throughout the project the neighbouring community will be respected by maximising compatibility between surrounding land uses and airport operations into the future.

Commercial opportunities

In the short term, available commercial opportunities will be limited to facilities of a temporary or short term nature. Occupation licences could be issued for these arrangements provided they are consistent with Crown Land Policy and the Master Plan. Crown Land Estate can provide guidance on policy and process.

Permanent commercial opportunities will be made available over the long term.

Batchelor Airport will provide opportunity to the following industries:

  • aircraft maintenance
  • sport, leisure and recreational aviation
  • charter operations
  • emergency services hub
  • private aircraft storage
  • flight training
  • aerial agricultural specialist base
  • commercial business park
  • residential ‘airpark’ facilities.


Project Manager: Thomas Carroll
Phone: 8999 4854

Last updated: 20 October 2019

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