Alice Springs industrial land consultation

The Northern Territory Government is strategically planning for future industrial land in Alice Springs.

The Alice Springs Regional Land Use Plan anticipates ongoing demand for industrial land and identifies potential future industrial land sites at Arumbera and Abattoir Valley.

The Plan also acknowledges the potential for industrial development on land at Alice Springs Airport, and recognises the strategic importance of the existing Brewer Estate.

As there is a wide range of potential immediate and future needs for land, the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics is seeking to better understand these needs from an industry perspective to inform the detailed planning of future industrial land.


The department and planning consultants Fyfe Pty Ltd have commenced consultation with industry groups and representatives, together with the broader Alice Springs community in order to obtain specific information in respect to industrial land needs.

This consultation will:

  • inform current and future industrial land development needs in Alice Springs from the perspective of potential users
  • assist in planning for headworks and essential services infrastructure
  • inform subdivision plans in timeframes that reflect the anticipated needs of the community.

Consultation will include face-to-face discussions, an online survey and public workshops.


Consultant: Kayla Gaskin

Last updated: 28 June 2019

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