Building Compliance Taskforce

The Northern Territory Government has established the Building Compliance Taskforce to review all government-owned buildings in building control areas. It will also advise government on ways to comply if needed.


The Taskforce will

  • provide strategic direction and oversight to ensure compliance is obtained for all government owned buildings
  • agree on the triaging and priority of compliance works
  • assess the adequacy of current legislation in relation to occupancy requirements
  • provide advice to the Minister and Chief Executive on the program and pathways to compliance and/or other actions.

Building control areas

Find out more about building control areas.


The Taskforce comprises executive Northern Territory Public Sector officers including:

  • DIPL Chief Executive (Chair)
  • DIPL General Manager Infrastructure, Investment and Contracts
  • a representative from the Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service
  • a representative from the Department of Attorney-General and Justice
  • a representative from the Department of Education
  • a representative from the Department of Health.

The Taskforce will be supported by staff from the department who will attend meetings as observers to provide advice and guidance.

Other senior client agency and departmental staff will be invited to attend meetings to provide expert advice on matters when required.


Meetings will be held as required when decisions or actions are put forward.



Last updated: 08 November 2022

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