Draft Bailment Agreement

Operators of Taxis and Minibuses

In 2017, the Northern Territory Public Accounts Committee in response to complaints conducted an inquiry into the taxi industry.

As a result of the inquiry, and to achieve positive benefits for industry and the community, Government has committed to clearly identifying the subleasing of licences as unlawful.

As part of this commitment,the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics has developed minimum requirements for bailment agreements for use by operators of taxis and minibuses. Operators can elect to implement their own bailment agreements, however must demonstrate it meets or exceed the minimum requirements.

The Department will mandate the requirement for bailment agreements and prohibit subleasing through conditions of licence.

The Department now seeks feedback on the proposed draft minimum requirements and model bailment agreement.

Draft Information Bulletin (532.6 kb) (contains the Minimum Requirements for Bailment Agreements)

Draft Model Bailment Agreement (954.0 kb)

Draft Model Bailment Agreement (938.8 kb) (contains explanatory and guidance notes)

Please submit your feedback by 18 August 2018 using one of the following options:


CPV Manager
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
GPO Box 2520

Last updated: 25 July 2018