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Multi-purpose taxi services working group

The Multi-Purpose Taxi (MPT) Services Working Group was established by the Director of Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport to assist with identifying the needs of MPT users and operators, and to provide sound advice for improvements to the MPT services.

Meeting minutes

Terms of reference

Multiple Purpose Taxi (MPT) Services Working Group is established by the Director of Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport under section 5(2) of the Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport Act.  


  • A minimum of 4 persons shall be invited to participate in the MPT Services Working Group with additional persons being invited to participate as and when required at the discretion of the Director.
  • A representative of the Department of Lands and Planning will act as Chair and the Department will provide secretarial services to the group.
  • Members of the group can be drawn from, but not limited to, the Department of Lands and Planning, taxi networks, MPT taxi operators, MPT taxi drivers, Registered Training Organisations, MPT users and consumer representative bodies.
  • Members of the group will not be remunerated for meetings or functions carried out in their capacity as a member.


The functions of the group are:

  • Develop and promote cooperation between the consumer, taxi industry and government with the aim of ensuring the highest level of customer service is provided to MPT users.
  • Resolve within the limits of the law all the matters it can relating to the day to day operation and delivery of MPT transport services.
  • Provide advice to the Director of Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport on matters relating to the operation of MPT services.


In carrying out its functions, a group meeting is guided by the principles of:

  • serving the needs of the community
  • meeting MPT transport needs
  • providing quality customer service at all times.

Meeting Procedures

  • A meeting can only be conducted if there is a quorum. Three members, excluding department representatives, form a quorum.
  • At a meeting:
    • the Chair or, in the absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair will preside;
    • all questions will be decided by a majority of the votes of the members present; and
    • the Chair or, in the absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair, has a deliberative vote and, in the event of an equality of votes, also has a casting vote.
  • The group will meet as and when determined by the Director of Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport, at a time determined by the Chair and notified to the members.

Secretariat Services

  • The Director of Commercial Passenger (Road) Transport is responsible to ensure that a person is available to carry out secretariat services for the group and the person will take the minutes.

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Last updated: 26 March 2018