Yarrawonga – road upgrades and stage 2 flood mitigation works

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This project is now complete.

The Northern Territory Government and project partners are delivering a project to improve flood immunity in the Yarrawonga area and upgrade the intersection of the Stuart Highway and Tulagi Road.

The project will be managed and delivered by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.

Through major contributions from project partners, the project will also construct two new access points to a new proposed development.

The upgrade will improve and formalise the Tulagi Road corridor and improve stormwater drainage and flood immunity in the area, and upgrade the intersection on the Stuart Highway to full traffic signals.

For information regarding the Tulagi Road upgrades, read about the Stuart Highway / Tulagi Road upgrades.

Project scope

The project will:

  • mitigate flooding in the Yarrawonga area
  • refurbish the Tulagi Road corridor
  • upgrade roads to service a new proposed development
  • ensure adequate long term levels of service for traffic moving through the intersection
  • minimise continual works and construction impacts in the area by delivering all road and flood mitigation works within the Tulagi Road - Stuart Highway intersection zone in one package.

Flood mitigation works

Stage 1: Completed

  • Works to upgrade Yarrawonga Road and install culverts and drainage under Wallaby Holtze Road have already been completed by City of Palmerston, funded by NTG.

Stage 2: To improve flood resilience in the Yarrawonga area from historic flooding, the project will:

  • Upgrade surface and underground stormwater drainage infrastructure within Stuart Highway, Tulagi Road, Pierssene Road and Wallaby Holtze Road reserves.
  • Provide addition drainage infrastructure to manage stormwater from new and existing developments.
  • Clean existing open stormwater drainage.
  • Install new stormwater drainage to reduce nuisance flooding of local premises.

Stage 3: Works underway

  • Works to upgrade existing perimeter trunk drains around and through northern Yarrawonga are currently underway as a separate NTG project.
  • These upgrades will form the final flood mitigation measures for Yarrawonga.

New development works

To cater for increased traffic as a result of a new proposed development, the project will:

  • Upgrade and fully signalise the Stuart Highway and Tulagi Road intersection.
  • Extend the right turning lane at the Stuart Highway intersection (inbound) to increase capacity for right-hand turning traffic into Tulagi Road.
  • Construct an additional right turning lane (inbound) to increase turning traffic storage and improve safe traffic movements turning right from Tulagi Road onto the Stuart Highway.
  • Construct a new left turning lane on the Stuart Highway (outbound) as an additional access to the new proposed development.
  • Upgrade and widen the Pierssene Road and Tulagi Road intersection to accommodate increased traffic in the area.
  • Extend the left turning lane (outbound) at the Stuart Highway intersection.

Tulagi Road will be upgraded and undergo urban refurbishment to facilitate traffic access and parking to existing and new businesses.

Ensuring long-term levels of service

To further ensure adequate levels of service for traffic moving through the intersection, the project will:

  • duplicate and extend the right turning lanes at the Stuart Highway intersection (inbound) to increase storage for right-hand turning traffic into Tulagi Road
  • upgrade Tulagi Road through and including part of Thorngate Road with an additional lane to cater for traffic entering from the duplicated right turning lanes on Stuart Highway.


If you require any further information, contact the Community Hotline via telephone on 1800 560 308 (during business hours) or email on flood.mitigation@nt.gov.au.

Last updated: 31 October 2018

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