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Welcome to the Roads and Bridges Strategy Interactive Investment Plan.

The content of this page is dynamic and interactive. As you read through the strategy, the map and photos will change, reflecting the region being explored.

Further information specific to each road can also be explored by selecting the arrows positioned on the map.

The Northern Territory Government’s Infrastructure Program is a considerable investment each year. There is an ongoing demand for improved infrastructure due to population growth, freight and industry development and the need for providing more equitable access for remote Territorians. Consideration also needs to be given to a number of Northern Territory and national policies, directions, strategies and plans.

Affordability of providing for these needs is a major consideration in the Northern Territory due to the vast road network, the low infrastructure base, low traffic volumes and climatic and geographic conditions. As such, evidence based investment planning is critical to ensure projects are planned, assessed, designed and prioritised appropriately.

This Network Investment Plan is based upon detailed evidence. The prioritised projects identified in the Network Investment Plan have been largely determined using the outcomes of the Northern Territory Regional Infrastructure Study. Additionally, extensive consultation with major industry groups and other key stakeholders assisted with the identification and prioritization of key road and bridge infrastructure requirements.

The Network Investment Plan outlines targeted upgrading works required over three priority timeframes: the next five years (short term), from five to ten years (medium term), and beyond ten years (long term). The Network Investment Plan is supported by key Strategic Objectives outlined in the Roads and Bridges Strategy, which include:

Principles that inform road and bridge investment planning

These principles are used for developing, assessing and prioritising infrastructure programs and form the basis of the Roads and Bridges Investment Plan. Scroll down to review planning in each region of the Territory. Further information is available by clicking on the map.

Investment Plan

Darwin Region

The Darwin Region is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. As such, investment planning for the Darwin Region and ensuring the road and bridge network keeps up with demand and growth can be challenging. As development continues to occur and traffic patterns change, continual monitoring, planning and re-planning to determine the best value for money is required.

Upgrades will include intersection works; road duplication, strengthening and widening; and construction of new infrastructure.

Current Capital Works
  • Arnhem Link Road
  • Port Keats Road
  • Roystonea Avenue
  • Tiger Brennan Drive
  • Tiwi Islands Roads
  • Vanderlin Drive

Summary of Planning For Future Works
  • Flood Immunity Works
  • Stream Crossing Upgrades
  • Road Upgrades
  • Road Extensions
  • New Roads

Alice Springs Region

The Alice Springs Region economy is growing, supported by its tourism, resource and agricultural industries. The urban centre of Alice Springs is an important service hub for the vast central Australian area. Investment in the region includes a mix of new infrastructure, such as the sealing of the Tanami Road and Plenty Highway; asset rehabilitation and upgrading works, including the strengthening and widening of pavements; and urban projects to support growth in the Alice Springs urban area.

Current Capital Works
  • Larapinta Drive
  • Outback Way (Tjukaruru Road)
  • Plenty Highway
  • Sadadeen Bypass
  • Santa Teresa Road
  • Tanami Road

Summary of Future Works
  • Improved Community Access
  • Road Upgrades
  • Intersection Upgrades
  • New Roads

Katherine Region

The Katherine Region also has economic potential in the tourism, resource and agricultural sectors. The Roper Highway and roads associated with the Ord development area in the Northern Territory will be a focus for the Katherine Region. The Victoria River area has potential for growth in cattle production and as such, the Victoria Highway, Buntine Highway and Buchannan Highway are also important areas of focus.

Current Capital Works
  • Buntine Highway
  • Carpentaria Highway
  • Lajamanu Road
  • Roper Highway
  • Victoria Highway

Summary of Future Works
  • Road Upgrades
  • Bridge Works
  • Heavy Vehicle Alternative Route

Tennant Creek Region

The Tennant Creek Region has significant potential for cattle production and resource development. The current standard of roads in the Tennant Creek Region is reasonable, given the volume of traffic. The future focus for this region will be on maintaining good road standards to support industry demand and productivity levels. The Barkly Highway will support resource opportunities and the Tablelands Highway and Barkly Stock Route will require investment as major cattle transport routes.

Current Capital Works

  • Tablelands Highway
  • Wollogorang Road

Summary of Future Works

  • Improved Flood Immunity
  • Improved Cattle Routes
  • Road Upgrades
  • Bridge Works
  • New Road

East Arnhem Region

Providing equitable access and safer roads are the main principles underpinning investment in the East Arnhem Region. The standard of roads in the region is generally lower than other regions due to the historically lower and more dispersed population numbers and lower levels of economic development. Wet season access is still a very significant issue with many communities cut off for many months at a time. The focus of investment in the region in the short to medium term will be to connect remote communities through stream crossing upgrades. Improved access will ensure more effective service delivery, including health and education services, for a substantial number of remote communities. It will also support social inclusiveness and cohesion between communities in the region.

Current Capital Works
  • Central Arnhem Road
Summary of Future Works

  • Upgrade Stream Crossings
  • Road Upgrades
  • Bridge Upgrades

Full information is available from the Roads and Bridges Strategy and Network Investment Plan.

Last updated: 22 May 2020

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