Electric scooter trial

The City of Darwin is undertaking a 12-month trial of self-ride hire electric scooters (e-scooters) operating around the following locations:

  • Cullen Bay
  • Darwin CBD
  • George Brown Botanic Gardens
  • Mindil Beach
  • Waterfront.

The City of Darwin will monitor and evaluate the trial with any consideration of expanding use of e-scooters, dependent on outcomes of the trial.

Read more about the e-scooter trial in the City of Darwin website.

Trial area

The trial is limited to the areas mentioned above.

You can't ride e-scooters at the following locations:

  • inside the George Brown Botanic Gardens
  • inside Mindil Beach during the Sunset Markets
  • Smith Street Mall at any time
  • in the vicinity of Parliament House and the Supreme Court
  • Mitchell Street between Peel and Knuckey streets from 8pm to 6am.

The map below shows the locations of e-scooter parking stations.

Map showing the e-scooter parking stations

Parking station locations are subject to change. For up-to-date locations, check the Neuron app.

Download on the Apple Store City of Darwin Image Library


You may only use e-scooters provided by the trial operator permitted by the City of Darwin.

To ride the e-scooter, you:

  • must be at least 18 years old
  • must wear an approved bike helmet that is securely fitted
  • may ride on footpaths and shared paths unless otherwise prohibited
  • may only ride on a footpath or shared path and must:
    • keep to the left of the footpath or shared path unless it is impractical to do so
    • give way to any pedestrian on the footpath or shared path
  • must not travel along a road - unless:
    • there is an obstruction on a footpath, nature strip, or shared path adjacent to the road
    • it is impracticable to travel on the adjacent area
    • e-scooter travels less than 50m along the road to avoid the obstruction
    • travelling in a bicycle lane.
  • must use a warning (eg bell, horn or verbal) to avert danger
  • must have proper control at all times and ride with due care and reasonable consideration for other persons
  • must use a flashing or steady white light at the front and a flashing red light and reflector at the back of the device when riding at night or in hazardous conditions
  • must not exceed 15km/h or a lesser speed if required in the circumstances to stop safely to avert danger
  • must not ride abreast
  • must not carry passengers
  • must not have a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of 0.05 or more
  • must not use a mobile phone whilst riding
  • must not carry scooters on public transport
  • must not take it outside the trial area.

Driver’s licence

You do not need a driver’s licence or learner permit to participate in this trial, which is limited to the Darwin CBD, Waterfront and Cullen Bay.

Note that some road rules and laws may impose penalties on a driver’s licence or learner’s permit including demerit points, fines and licence disqualification.

Riding own e-scooter

You can only ride your privately owned scooter on private property - not on roads, footpaths or other public spaces. Otherwise, only e-scooters owned by the operator permitted by the City of Darwin are to be used during this trial.

If you are caught riding an e-scooter not approved for this trial, you may be fined for driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle.

After the e-scooter trial

The City of Darwin will monitor and evaluate the trial with any consideration of expanding use of e-scooters, dependent on outcomes of the trial.

For information about the monitoring and evaluation of the trial, go to the City of Darwin website.


Phone: 08 8930 0300
Email: darwin@darwin.nt.gov.au

Last updated: 24 August 2020

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