Safety Notice: Lifejacket Batch Fails Testing

The Northern Territory Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics wishes to inform all boaters and maritime retailers of a recent Product Safety Recall for the Jarvis Walker block-style lifejacket model Type1 PFD. Full details of the lifejackets effected are available on the Jarvis Walker website.

It is believed that lifejackets subject to the recall have been sold in the NT.

Testing of the lifejackets by Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) on the popular Jarvis Walker lifejacket have revealed a suspected design fault with the waistband being affixed to one side only.

In testing, it was found that the lifejacket slipped free of the waistband when test subjects entered the water resulting in a serious risk of drowning in the event of a marine incident. The lifejacket was found to not comply with the ‘ability to withstand impact’ and ‘in-water performance’ requirements of Australian Standard AS-1512.

It is understood that there may be other batches of varying dates of manufacture that also have this design fault with the MSV issuing the following advice:


  • Check your own Jarvis Walker and other branded block-style lifejackets for a similar design fault, return it to their supplier, and replace it with a design including a waistband secured on each side, either by stitching or through secured loops on each side.
  • Check that other branded lifejackets of any style have a waistband that is securely affixed on both sides (for children’s lifejackets, a crotch strap is recommended for extra security).
  • Be aware that lifejackets bought online from international suppliers may not meet Australian Standards.
  • Ensure lifejackets are stored so that they are visible and therefore accessible by all passengers during an emergency.


  • Check Jarvis Walker and other branded stock for a similar design fault and contact your supplier.

Other suppliers and manufacturers:

  • Review their lifejacket products and designs for a similar fault which may compromise foam block integrity on impact or while in the water.

Product recall advice can be found via the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website.

For further information see the Product Safety Recall notice or contact:

Brad Thomson or Sri Srinivas
Marine Safety Branch
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics
Phone:(08) 8924 7100