Rideshare Announcement

Ridesharing is coming to the Territory next year, with Western Australian company Hi Oscar confirming they will be operating in the NT from February 1.

Ridesharing is a car service that allows you to arrange a safe ride in a privately owned vehicle registered with an accredited company. Simply use a smartphone app to arrange a ride with registered drivers partnered with a car sharing company.

The department’s Transport division and particularly the Commercial Passenger Vehicle team has been involved with detailed consultation with both the community and the commercial passenger vehicle industry to deliver in the commitment to bring Ridesharing to the Territory.

Director Passenger Transport Bernie Ingram said the agency had worked collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders and a steering committee to ensure commercial passenger vehicle reforms were delivered and that ridesharing is introduced in an equitable way.

The new ridesharing regulations provide Territorians with an additional safe and convenient transport option, which has been available interstate for some time

Taxis, buses and Minibuses will still offer a valuable service throughout the NT, with ridesharing now giving another option to get around.

To ensure a level playing field, licence fees for existing commercial passenger vehicles will be reduced and a $1 levy will apply to all taxi, minibus, private hire car and ridesharing trips.

For more information on becoming a rideshare driver go to https://nt.gov.au/driving/industry/ridesharing

Ridesharing starts 1 February 2018