Developing traffic solutions for Coolalinga

The Northern Territory Government has engaged local civil engineering company Byrne Consultants to investigate and develop design options for a long-term traffic management solution for the Stuart Highway between Virginia Road and Henning Road in Coolalinga.

To date, this investigation has included a preliminary technical assessment and community consultation to establish a clear understanding of the local community, business and transport users’ issues and concerns within this section of the highway.

The consultation identified that the long-term traffic management solution needs to address the following criteria:

  • Road safety - for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. The traffic management system needs to provide safe access to and from the highway in a manner which maintains traffic flows to minimise delays and reduce conflict points.
  • Accessibility - to enable movement to and from both sides of the highway, allowing for ease of access between the two business and retail precincts.
  • Future growth – any changes to the current conditions should support future planning and growth of the area, including long-term plans for developing the local road network and commercial and residential developments.

Several options were reviewed the following three were considered feasible and addressed the above criteria.

It is envisaged that the final design may take up to six months to complete allowing for stakeholder feedback and detailed design.

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The Government invites road users, business and the local residential community to provide feedback on the following design options.

Option 1 – Extend the service roads and connect to a new signalised intersection at Virginia Road.

Coolalinga traffic solution 1



Road safety improvement between Virginia Road to Girraween Road in the longer term as Coolalinga develops.

New signalised intersection at Virginia Road.

Improves safety through Coolalinga as the precinct develops.

High construction cost.

Provides safe and good connectivity for future developments.

Possible land acquisition – to be confirmed.

Improves safety at the existing Virginia Road Intersection.

Option 2 – Grade separation to connect the two businesses precincts, the underpass will only cater for light vehicles so heavy vehicles would have alternate routes.

Coolalinga traffic solution option 2



Grade separation – best road safety approach by separating different streams of traffic, turning traffic, pedestrians (including disabled) and cyclists.

Requires significant construction works across the Stuart Highway and significant traffic management during construction phase.

Provides safe and efficient connectivity between commercial areas for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

High construction cost.

Increased capacity and uninterrupted traffic flow.

Requires raising the Stuart Highway.

Caters for long term development of the Coolalinga precincts.

Possible land acquisition – to be confirmed.

Reduced conflicts and delays.

Option 3 – New signalised intersection, north of the existing median break within the Commercial Zone

Coolalinga traffic solutions option 3



Provides for turning movements in all directions.

In the longer term there would be three sets of lights within a two kilometre section of Stuart Highway.

Improves safety from the current arrangement with priority control only at the median break.

Delays to the Stuart Highway traffic.

Easy to construct with minimal disruption to Stuart Highway traffic during construction.

Even with traffic signals there will still be delays for vehicles exiting the commercial precincts, due to the high priority to Stuart Highway traffic.

Provides safe solution for pedestrian (including disabled) and cyclists crossing the Stuart Highway, but not at the desired crossing location.

Access to and from the service roads would be problematic with queuing during peak hours.

Possible land acquisition – to be confirmed.

Other Options considered

Traffic signals were considered at the current median break and slightly to the north (at Fairweather Cresent) but both locations where unsuitable due to insufficient room for the intersection geometry. The intersection layout needs to not only connect to the highway but also to the service roads and both existing and future developments as Coolalinga develops.   

Pedestrian Safety

Safe pedestrian access between the two sides of the highway was frequently highlighted during the initial community consultation. All options are likely to require a stand-alone pedestrian treatment. Three pedestrian options have been considered:

  • Push button signals: minor delays to highway likely, will need to be timed with signals at Girraween/Henning Road.
  • Pedestrian Underpass: pedestrian safety due to anti-social behaviour raised as a concern.
  • Pedestrian Overpass: a very high overpass would be required for oversized vehicle travelling on Stuart Highway. Concerns were raised that is was unlikely to be used and could attract anti-social behaviour.

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