Carriage of fireworks on buses

On the first of July each year Territorians celebrate Territory Day, marking the commencement of Self Government in the Territory on 1 July 1978. The day is celebrated in a number of ways including the famous Territory Day fireworks.

Fireworks can be dangerous if handled inappropriately. NT WorkSafe is the regulatory arm of government that administer the sale and use of fireworks. NT WorkSafe has compiled a range of safe handling information sheets to assist people to handle and use fireworks responsibly. The sale and use of fireworks is restricted to the hours approved by the Minister responsible for the Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations. The Dangerous Goods Act prescribes penalties if a person is caught buying, selling or using fireworks outside of these hours. Further information about fireworks is available from the NT WorkSafe site at

Fireworks can be carried on public buses provided it is done so in a responsible manner. It is generally accepted that a person who is eligible to purchase fireworks (18 years of age and over) can carry the fireworks on buses from the place of purchase to their home or to a suitable venue to ignite the fireworks within the prescribed time, however the carriage of commercial quantities of fireworks on buses is not permitted.

Fireworks are generally sold in sealed packaging and should only be carried on buses in the original shop goods packaging. Should it be necessary to divide the fireworks into smaller quantities than originally sold, the fireworks should be repackaged and sealed in a similar manner as when originally purchased before carrying on to a bus. Individual fireworks should not be carried on buses as the risk of ignition is increased.

Any person who attempts to or misuses fireworks in or around a bus, bus interchange or bus stop will be referred to the NT Police and or NT WorkSafe. Any actions recorded on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) will be used to assist towards any arrest and prosecution procedures.

For additional information, please contact the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Transport Services on telephone 8924 7666 or visit

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