Tiger Brennan Drive and Berrimah Road overpass construction underway


The overpass at the Tiger Brennan Drive and Berrimah Road intersection is becoming a reality with construction well underway.

Local business Sitzler has recently been awarded stage two of the contract for $127.8 million to complete the detailed design and construction of the project which will be delivered over the next two years, supporting 150 jobs at the peak of construction.

Close to 20,000 vehicles travel on Tiger Brennan Drive each day and this busy intersection has tragically been the location of multiple crashes and fatalities.

The construction of the new overpass will separate the major flow of traffic on Tiger Brennan Drive from the traffic movements on Berrimah Road. The overpass will also enable the continuous flow of traffic along Tiger Brennan Drive resulting in reduced traffic delays during peak hours, shorter travel times and improved connectivity for freight transport to East Arm Wharf.

Prioritising safety and connectivity, the project includes:

  • a grade separation that will see Berrimah Road passing over Tiger Brennan Drive
  • realignment of Tiger Brennan Drive to become free flowing
  • entry and exit ramps connecting Tiger Brennan Drive and Berrimah Road
  • improvements to Berrimah Road catering to requirements for road trains
  • earthworks, drainage works, pavement construction and asphalt works
  • street lighting, linemarking and road safety barriers
  • traffic signals on Berrimah Road only
  • improved pedestrian and cyclist accessibility, landscaping and urban design.

Works will be undertaken in a staged manner with consideration given to minimise impact for all road users.

A new fly through of the design of the overpass has been released showing what the completed works are envisaged to look like, as well as a driver’s perspective of the new route.

The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory governments. For more information, go to Projects | Tiger Brennan Drive and Berrimah Road intersection overpass.

To watch the fly through visit YouTube.

Screenshot from the fly through video.
Screenshot from the fly through video.

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