Subdivision works completed in Ramingining


The Northern Territory Government has delivered a new 33-lot subdivision to build new homes in Ramingining.

In addition to the 33 new lots, the subdivision works also improve the general standard of infrastructure in the community through the sealing of existing unsealed roads and downstream drainage improvements.

The lots were decided in consultation with the local community, as part of Government’s commitment to local decision making.

Territory business Fred (NT) Pty Ltd was awarded the $4.8 million contract to complete the works, which included:

  • earthworks in cut of 7,300 cubic metres
  • earthworks in fill of 4,300 cubic metres
  • sealing of 595 metres of road
  • installing 533 metres of water mains
  • installing 683 metres of sewer mains.

The new subdivision supports the construction of 47 new home for the community of Ramingining, enabling the award of a long-term period contract to Aboriginal Business Enterprise, DRG Industries Pty Ltd, with six homes already underway.

The community has provided their feedback expressing their excitement for their new homes being built on the subdivision.

The community of Ramingining is located on the edge of the heritage listed Arafura wetlands in Central Arnhem Land, and is 435 kilometres west of Nhulunbuy.

The Territory Government is improving Aboriginal housing in remote communities by investing $1.1 billion from 2017-2018 to 2026-2027 through the remote housing investment package: Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes., delivered in partnership with the Australian Government.

This housing investment in remote Aboriginal communities focuses on:

  • reducing overcrowding and improving living conditions
  • local decision making and engagement with communities
  • developing Aboriginal Business Enterprises
  • sustainable local employment
  • economic development.

In addition to the Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes. program, the Territory Government is investing a further $432.8 million through the Land Servicing and Headworks Infrastructure program for the development of serviced land for current and future housing projects, such as this subdivision in Ramingining.

For more information on the Northern Territory Government’s Remote Housing Program, go to the Our Future website.

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