Tenant consultations in Jilkminggan


Housing Program Office staff visited the Jilkminggan community on 13 October 2021, to consult with tenants about the HomeBuild program, as part of the Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes. remote housing investment package.

Jilkminggan is located 138 km southeast of Katherine near Elsey National Park.

Through the Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes. investment, a total of 37 new homes have been approved under the HomeBuild program, which will see the delivery of 151 bedrooms. To date seven homes have been completed; four of these homes are being used as Transitional accommodation.

The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics’ Housing Program Office has consulted with the residents of Jilkminggan in accordance with local decision-making principles. Individual households have had the opportunity to provide input to the design to meet the needs of their household.

Community meetings conducted by the Housing Program Office are normally held under the large trees at the community ovals. Employees from the Housing Program Office staff enjoy the unique way of meeting and doing business in the community, particularly during this particular meeting there were two unexpected visitors!

Unsure if they were here to listen to the team’s update or if it was the food they were after, but they certainly made themselves at home! Whether it’s these local boys, horses or pigs, you’re never short on wildlife during a trip to Jilkminggan.

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