Claims finalised for homes in Palmerston - Update


The Northern Territory (NT) Government has finalised a number of Home Building Certification Fund (HBCF) claims for property owners in Palmerston.

The HBCF claims were lodged earlier this year following the results of an engineering assessment report into the properties.

The report found while there was no immediate risk to safety, the structural building system used in some of the homes was determined to be non-compliant. The non-compliance related to the requirements of the Building Code of Australia that was in force at the time of construction, as well as being structurally inadequate in its design to meet the needs of the Territory.

Since April 2021, the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) has been working with nine landowners who are covered under the Home Building Certification Fund (HBCF) to determine the best method of rectification for the owners.

Now finalising these claims:

  • six homeowners have agreed to the Department acquiring their properties through a mutual agreement and
  • three homeowners have agreed to their homes being replaced.

DIPL is now working with contractors to progress the demolition of these properties, and is communicating with homeowners and residents in the area about these works.

Five properties have applications for the Residential Building Cover Scheme, through the Commissioner for Residential Building Disputes in the Department of Attorney-General and Justice (DAGJ), as these were built after 1 January 2013.

The applications from the homeowners of these five properties covered under the Residential Building Cover Scheme are progressing, and the homeowners are being kept updated on the progress of their applications.

Home owners of a further three properties were covered by the Residential Building Cover Scheme but the cover has since lapsed, however these homeowners are being provided advice by the NT Government.

If property owners are concerned about their property, they can:

  • access their building records by contacting Building Advisory Services or
  • alternatively, they may wish to get independent structural engineering advice from a registered building practitioner on the condition of their home.

The builder of the 18 homes is no longer a registered builder in the NT.

For more information, contact the Building Advisory Service, DIPL on 8999 8979 or at

To learn more about the Home Building Certification Fund, go to the NT Government website.

To learn more about recently announced priority Building Reforms, go to the NTG Newsroom.

To learn more about Consumer Affairs through DAGJ, go to the Consumer Affairs website.

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