$20 million for Maintenance Tenders awarded for strategic regional roads


Four maintenance contracts have been awarded to local Territory businesses to ensure our key network routes remain open and accessible for remote Central Australians.

Close to $20 million worth of tenders have been awarded to deliver maintenance grading across the North East, South East, South West, and North West regions of Central Australia.

Maintenance works include grading of unsealed roads, sealed road shoulders and airstrip works. These works will increase productivity and accessibility across Central Australia, while supporting economic activity and local jobs.

Key Roads in these regions include:

  • Plenty Highway
  • Sandover Highway
  • Santa Teresa Road
  • Maryvale Road
  • Larapinta Drive
  • Tjukaruru Road
  • Tanami Road, and
  • Kintore Road.

Improvements to strategic roads sees increased economic potential in the region, including for tourism, agribusiness, mining and resources, as well as increased benefits for remote communities.

Having increased use of strategic roads in Central Australia will significantly benefit the existing industries and facilitate the accelerated growth of Australia.

The pastoral industry is heavily reliant upon road transport for movement of livestock and produce. Road rideability, reliability and accessibility issues are major concerns for the industry, and these maintenance contracts aim to deliver improved road networks to support industry.

Sandover Highway NT
Sandover Highway NT

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