New vehicle inspection facility at Truck Central in Wishart


The new vehicle inspection facility (VIF) is located at 61 Distribution Drive, Truck Central in Wishart.

All vehicle inspections are now conducted at the new VIF. Vehicle inspections are no longer conducted at the Goyder Road Test Shed in Parap.

MVR customer services are still being provided at MVR Goyder Road. Only payments related to applicable vehicle inspection services are available at the new VIF.

The new VIF in Wishart provides improved heavy vehicle access and a central vehicle inspection location between Darwin, Casuarina and Palmerston.

Booking for an inspection

For all vehicle types, you must book for an inspection - except for compliance checks and re-check inspections.

Book an inspection

Before booking for a vehicle inspection:

Compliance check

Compliance checks do not require a booking and are free.

A compliance check is a free inspection of a vehicle’s identifiers or identification numbers by an approved person (transport inspector).

Compliance checks are required on all vehicles:

  • when presented for first registration in the Northern Territory
  • when confirmation of vehicle identification or vehicle description is required.

Accessing the facility

The VIF is located in the Truck Central precinct in Wishart. Access to the precinct is via Wishart Road, Tiger Brennan Drive end.

Present your vehicle to the by-pass lane (far left) and wait for an inspector.

61 Distribution Drive, Wishart, NT 0822

Open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Excluding public holidays.


Phone: 08 8999 3133

For more information, read about registration and number plates in the Northern Territory.

Vehicle inspection facility in Wishart

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