New traffic signals - Tulagi Road and Stuart Highway intersection


The recently upgraded Tulagi Road and Stuart Highway intersection has different traffic signals, new to road users in the Territory.

In future, similar traffic signals will be rolled out at selected sites on the road network. Therefore, all road users must understand this new traffic operation and comply.

The signals have red and yellow lights in operation, but no green light on the left turn lane on Tulagi Road.

This new signal controls the left turning traffic to provide safe pedestrian and cyclist crossings.

This also allows for better traffic flow when pedestrians or cyclists are not crossing.

Motorists must stop when the red arrow is displayed. The red arrow indicates pedestrians and cyclists are crossing.

Unlike normal traffic signals in operation, there will be no green light displayed for motorists to proceed.

When signals are not displayed, motorists must give way to oncoming traffic when turning onto the Stuart Highway.

To help you follow the changed road traffic operations, watch the video below.

More information

For more information on this and other Australian road rules, read the Traffic Regulations, Schedule 3 - Australian Road Rules Act.

Tulagi Road and Stuart Highway intersection

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