Draft Northern Territory Planning Scheme 2020 released


The release of a draft Northern Territory Planning Scheme 2020, and the draft Planning Amendment Regulations 2020, is the next step in the Government’s commitment to reforming the Northern Territory’s planning system.

The new Northern Territory Planning Scheme 2020 will replace the existing Northern Territory Planning Scheme. The new scheme will complement reforms to the Planning Act 1999.

The new NT Planning Scheme will:

  • have a clearer structure
  • create a stronger role for strategic plans and policies
  • introduce “overlays”
  • give more guidance around the intent of zones and development requirements
  • split “discretionary uses” into “merit assessable” and “impact assessable” tracks

These changes will:

  • make it easier to understand how different parts of the scheme work together and what rules apply to a development
  • support better decisions that take account of local planning matters
  • allow for simpler assessment processes for low impact developments (Merit Assessment)

Some definitions have changed and some new definitions have been introduced to make the most of the simplified assessment processes.

The new scheme does not change existing zones or development requirements such as changes to car parking ratios, building heights and densities and minimum lot sizes.

Introduction of the new scheme will facilitate more detailed consultation on changes to these development controls later. Statutory exhibition of the new Scheme is from Friday 6 March 2020 to Friday 24 April 2020.

Planning Amendment Regulations 2020

Feedback is also sought on the proposed changes to the Planning Regulations 2000. The regulations set out how requirements of the Act are applied.

The draft Planning Amendment Regulations 2020 will:

  • Identify which developments will need local notification or extended public exhibition
  • Extend third party rights of review to Zone RL (Rural Living) to the same extent as other residential zones
  • Identify what infrastructure works can be supported through developer contributions plans

For further information visit the Have Your Say Website.

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