10 Year Infrastructure Plan 2019


The latest annual review of the 10 Year Infrastructure Plan has been released. It aims to help industry with its own planning and workforce management, and inform decision-making across all levels of government. Over the longer term, the Infrastructure Plan sets direction for planning and delivering infrastructure in the Northern Territory.

Infrastructure is a key enabler of economic development, which underpins our capacity to create jobs, increase productivity and stimulate growth.

Infrastructure supports the quality of:

  • our social well-being
  • the future of our children
  • our cultural and lifestyle experiences
  • the services we use every day
  • current and emerging opportunities.

The Plan details planned projects for the first two years (2019-20 and 2020-21) with proposed infrastructure projects identified in the medium and longer term.

The Plan is available as a PDF document, interactive business intelligence dashboard (interactive plan) and metadata (XLSX and CSV) files.

Read the 10 Year Infrastructure Plan.

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