Road Train Assembly Area Officially Launched


The Northern Territory Government, in partnership with the Australian Government and Land Development Corporation, has officially opened the new $13 million Road Train Assembly Area at Truck Central, Wishart.

The Road Train Assembly Area (RTAA) is located at the crossroads of the region’s major heavy vehicle transport routes and is an integral component of the Truck Central estate.

The RTAA is a transition facility for short-term use by heavy vehicles, enabling uncoupling, reconfiguring of combinations and provides a safe environment for drivers to park, rest and recharge.

During the planning, application, design and construction process, the NT Road Transport Association has played a pivotal role by bringing industry expertise to the table.

The RTAA has a seamless interface with no kerbs and minimal obstructions from the BP Truck Stop and the adjoining Quad Crescent. Due to the large turning movements, road trains are required to enter the RTAA via the Truck Stop or Quad Crescent in a clockwise direction.

The heavy duty concrete surface provides 17 parking bays for triple road trains, a further 11 wider bays for reconfiguration and assembly of trailers plus 28 bays for smaller configurations such as B-doubles, semi-trailers, prime movers and dolly parking plus a dual height loading ramp.

The facility improves transport safety and productivity by providing truck operators with a safe, off-road space to park, rest and reassemble configurations for single combination deliveries. Further fatigue management amenities, such as a restaurant, drivers’ lounge and showers are available at the adjoining BP Truck Stop.

The new Heavy Vehicle Inspection Facility is currently under construction. This will increase productivity by negating the need to disconnect trailers for inspection one at a time.

Further safety and productivity benefits are achieved by reducing heavy vehicle traffic movements to the Goyder Road Test Shed in Parap, which is in close proximity to residential homes and schools.

Construction of the new inspection facility is scheduled for completion in late 2019.

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Road Train Assembly Area

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