Road Development and Upgrades Across the Territory


The Northern Territory Government is investing in ongoing development and upgrades of important economic roads.

Tablelands Highway

As part of the Tablelands Highway upgrades, five bridges are being strengthened or replaced in order to increase load capacities for heavy vehicles.

This $9.9 million project is jointly funded by the Australian and Northern Territory Governments and will extend the life of the bridges, allowing for improved heavy vehicle access and safety.

The final stage is due to begin in mid-2019.

Garramilla Boulevard

Once construction is complete Garramilla Boulevard will provide a new entry point to Darwin’s CBD. The project will also complete the duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive, from Dinah Beach Road to McMinn Street.

As works continue on Garramilla Boulevard, the greening works have commenced. On 21 February, 7 mature Syzygium armstrongii trees and two large figs were planted at the site, along with several species of small shrubs.

This follows the installation of pedestrian lamps and pedestrian paths.

Tanami Road

As part of the Northern Territory Government’s ongoing commitment to upgrade Tanami Road, an additional three kilometres of dual seal was completed in December 2018.

These upgrades deliver integrated economic and social benefits to remote communities in the region through improved infrastructure connectivity and access to essential services, resources and economic drivers.

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Construction Snapshot 2019

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