Respect your taxi and minibus driver


The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics has launched the Respect Your Taxi and Minibus Driver campaign, encouraging Territorians to behave appropriately when using a taxi or minibus service.

The Respect Your Taxi and Minibus Driver campaign was developed in consultation with taxi and minibus companies across the Northern Territory to address antisocial passenger behaviour directed at drivers.

The important initiative aims to improve relationships and interactions between passengers and drivers, while reminding passengers there are serious penalties for people who assault drivers in the Territory.

The integrated campaign features a series of social media videos and posts; radio advertising; outdoor advertising at taxi and minibus ranks; stickers and air-fresheners for taxi and minibus interiors; posters for pubs, clubs, and community notice boards; and educational material to incorporate into road safety presentations to Territory school students.

For more information, visit the Respect Your Driver page.

Taxi meter dashboard

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